Army Aviation

Cold Cycle Pressure Jet Helicopter

BLOOMFIELD, CONN — The first successful flight of a new cold cycle pressure jet helicopter was announced recently by the Kaman Aircraft Corporation.

Bottom of page 12, May 15, 1958 edition, Army Aviation

The joint U.S. Army-Kaman built K-17 helicopter is one of several types of helicopters employing tip-driven rotors currently being investigated by the U.S. Army.

The K-17 is powered by a Blackburn Turmo 600 gas turbine aof 400 hp driving a Boeing compressor located in the fuselage. Air from the compressor is ducted through a rotating seal to the rotor hub, and out through the blades to jet nozzels at the tip of the rotor blades. This simplified system is reported to eliminate the transmission and clutch found in conventional type helicopters.

The small tail rotor is a fixed pitch propeller used for steering only. Driven by a hydraulic pump, the tail rotor reverses direction of rotation in response to the movement of the pilot’s rudder pedals. This produces thrust for turning the helicopter.