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Veterans of 138th Save Desert Storm Aircraft

Veterans of the 138th Aviation Company (EW) saved an example of one of the aircraft they flew during Desert Storm.

On November 14, 2015 Veterans of the 138th Aviation Company marched in the Orlando Veterans Day Parade alongside one of the RU-21A’s the unit flew during Desert Storm. The aircraft, part of the Cefirm Leader system was initially fielded in the early 1970’s and later turned over to the U.S. Army Reserves. While with the Reserves, the aircraft were deployed to Central America in 1982 for Operation Royal Duke, and later flew many PARPRO and Counter Drug Missions before being deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm.

The Veterans of the 138th Aviation Company are conducting a fundraising campaign to help pay for the restoration and the construction of the display site at Orlando International Airport, where the unit was based from 1974 to 1999. A work party will be mounting the engines and hang the props on January 23rd.

To help and for more information, go to the unit homepage at