Army Aviation

Highlights of the President’s 1965 Annual Meeting

1512 lb 50aAAAA President’s Annual Report—President O. Glenn Goodhand: Among the myriad of subjects broached was that of the Film Library. The National Office has maintained an inventory of aviation films for ready use by AAAA chapters; which, “in my view, has not been utilized to its full potential. “During the past year, 16 chapters showed the films from last year’s annual meeting. “Those from this year will be available on request . . . “


1512 lb 50bLTC Joseph Stepp, Maintenance Department, Fort Rucker: “What happens to our aviation maintenance personnel . . . I am speaking about the aircraft mechanic—the two year man? “We spend a considerable amount of money, time and effort to train these people, the organizational mechanic. The enlistment rate on these people is deplorable.”


1512 lb 50cLTC Forrest W. Johnson: “. . . someone should propose to the Department of the Army that these crew chiefs should be handled like pilots or flight surgeons;” this with regards to flight pay. “I think this—among other things —would assist in keeping this man in the career pattern he is in. “Otherwise, he’s going to look for greener fields, and I don’t blame him.”