Army Aviation

Enhancing Training: Aviation Soldiers Collaborate With Artillery

By Nathan Pfau, Army Flier Staff Writer / TRADOC News Center: FORT RUCKER, Ala. — The U.S. Army consists of multiple organizations designed to work as one when taking on world threats, and members of two Army centers of excellence came together recently to ensure seamless collaboration when it comes to working together.

The U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence reached out to the Fires Center of Excellence in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to provide expertise in Aviation tactics, doctrine and simulation, as well as to build relationships to better enhance training, according to Capt. Robert Kelly, 1st Battalion, 145th Aviation Regiment, combined arms division chief.

The trip, which ran from Oct. 16-20, was the first of its kind and Kelly coordinated with Capt. Erick Balish, Field Artillery Captain’s Career Course small group leader, to get the approval needed from leadership on both sides for the visit to Fort Sill in support of the FACCC course, which included subject-matter experts from various USAACE organizations, including the 1st Aviation Brigade, the Directorate of Training and Doctrine, and the Fort Rucker Directorate of Simulations

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