Army Aviation

Army Aviation – 1954

Army Aviation is an unofficial, all-component publication financially and editorially supported by voluntary subscriber-correspondents. It is mailed monthly to Army Aviators in the National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve, and active service & to the friends of the Army Aviation. No implication must be made that “Army Aviation” is an authorized Army publication.

The views and opinions expressed in the publication are not necessarily those of the Department of the Army. News items are earnestly solicited from all readers & should be mailed to: Army Aviator Newsletter,[1] 726 Eleventh Avenue, New York, 19, New York.

Army Aviation Magazine, 1954

Correspondents are asked to forward news, so as to have it to the above address by the tenth of the month. The editor reserves the right to quote all or part of any material that is submitted unless the correspondent specifies those parts that are not for publication. Additions or deletions as are made necessary by space requirements may be made.

The editor assumes that the correspondent has not submitted any classified military information or commercial material that is copyrighted.

The subscription fee for 12 consecutive issues is $2.00 (non-APO foreign addresses, $3.20). Cash or a check or a money order payable to ‘Army Aviator Newsletter’[2] should accompany a subscriber’s current residence address. ‘Ad’ Army Aviators are asked to submit a permanent home mailing address. Issues returned to the publication because of lack of notice of change of address will be re-forwarded if a permanent residence address is available.

Army Aviation is protected by copyright and its contents, in full or in part, may not be reproduced without permission.”


  1. Note terminology here, Army Aviator Newsletter. March; July-December 1953; January-April, June and July 1954, the newsletter Army Aviator was published. Now between the April and June issues of Army Aviator, a May issue of Army Aviation broke the streak. Then in June and July, both Army Aviator and Army Aviation were published. Then by August 1954, Army Aviation was published solely.
  2. Note subscription fees for “Army Aviation” are payable to Army Aviator Newsletter.

Source: See page 2, Army Aviation, Vol. 2, No. 6, copyright 1954 by Arthur H. Kesten, New York, NY., June 1954. (Note “Vol 2 as a carry forward from the 1953 publishing year as “Army Aviator” seems apparent. But No. 6, too, is a carry forward from “Army Aviator.” But clarification is needed here. In 1953, the March, July, August and September issues were titled The Army Aviator. The October-December issues, Army Aviator. Army Aviator was continued, January-April 1954; but the June and July issues were back to The Army Aviator. Army Aviation was published in June and July as well. So by the end of June 1954, 8 issues had been published; yet the June issue of Army Aviation is No. 6, not 7 or 8. So perhaps the June and July issues of The Army Aviator were not being accounted for.)