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An OH-23D of the 7th Infantry Division is shown touching down on the deck of a Republic of Korea LST. The LST, anchored near Pusan, took part in an amphibious exercise named “Bayonet Beach.” Six helicopters from the 7th Division effected landings on the LST.

News Brief

The expansion of Army Aviation has fostered the heaviest workload in training ever recorded at the U.S. Army Primary Helicopter School (USAPHS) at Fort Wolters, as reported by Fourth Army Command. Since August 1963, the average number of trainees has been 409 candidates. According to COL Henry H. McKee, Aviation Officer, Fourth Army, the number is expected to rise to 450 students. Foreign nationals also train at the Primary Helicopter School. Currently there are fifty Vietnamese aviators receiving rotary wing training at Fort Wolters.