Army Aviation

Air Assault Roundtable

1610 lb 25aOctober 1991: Carlisle, PA., May 22-23, 1991, convened at the Army War College was a roundtable discussion series, “Air Assault – The Strategic Vision.” Army War College Commandant, MG Paul G. Cerjan, hosted the event. Objective: Explore and discuss roles, missions, fresh ideas, concepts and structure of the Air Assault Division for the future. Initial presentations included the historical perspective by LTG Harry W.O. Kinnard (Ret.), former commander of the 11th Air Assault Division (Test); DESERT STORM operations, by MG Binford Peay, Commander of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) and MG Rudolph Ostovich, Commander of the Army Aviation Center, elaborating on future systems and structures. Among the plethora of participants were Generals Hamilton H. Howze and Robert M. Shoemaker, both retired; LTGs John J. Tolson, Robert R. Williams and Richard T. Knowles, as well as retired MGs George S. Beatty and George W. Putnam.