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AAAA Joins The Military Coalition

1601 lb logo 199521 Years Ago, January 31, 1995 / By Mark Albertson: By approval of the AAAA National Executive Board, at the March 1994 meeting, AAAA has joined the TMC or The Military Coalition.  The TMC is a coalition of more than 25 associations* of military personnel, both active duty and retired, which sees to the well-being of military personnel and their families, and does so politically, working to maintain a viable defense posture and, educating the public and maintaining benefits for veterans and their families.

*  According to The Military Coalition web site, some 31 military associations make up the coalition today.

Sources:  See page 61, “AAAA Joins ‘The Military Coalition,’ Army Aviation, January 31, 1995 issue, by Major General Charles F. Drenz (Ret.).

The Military Coalition,