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44-yr. Aviator Mike Novosel Honored with Post Parade on his Retirement

CONGRESSIONAL Medal of Honor recipient, Chief Warrant Officer Michael J. Novosel, ended 44 years of military service on November 30 at Ft. Rucker. AL. CW4 Novosel was honored by more than 1,000 participating troops, ten Medal of Honor winners, his family and friends, and a host of dignitaries at his retirement ceremony at the Center Parade Field.

1807 h novosel mA Hall of FamerHighlighting the occasion, MG Bobby J. Maddox, Ft. Rucker’s Commanding General, announced that the street in front of post headquarters, known as Headquarters Road, had been renamed Novosel Street in honor of his multitude of contributions.

Maddox also presented Novosel the Army’s Distinguished Service Medal for exceptionally meritorious service in positions of great responsibility. A former National Vice President of the AAAA, the 62-year-old aviator was inducted in the Army Aviation Hall of Fame in 1957.

Novosel enlisted in the Army Air Corps in 1941, graduating from flight school and being commissioned a 2LT in 1942. He was one of 462 8-29 aircraft commanders who flew in the covering force over GEN Douglas MacArthur as he accepted the Japanese surrender CW4 ” MIKE” NOVOSEL., 20 on Sept. 2, 1941 , the last mission of WWII.

He later left active duty but was recalled during the Korear. War as a Major. Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1955 and requested active duty for the Vietnam War in 1964. When informed that the USAF was overstrength in its senior grades, he accepted an appointment as a Warrant Officer with the Army in September, 1964.

Battle of Hamburger

Veteran of three wars During his distinguished military career Novosel saw duty in three wars and was the last active duty military aviator on flight status who flew combat in WWII. He has held positions ranging from bomber pilot to squadron commander to instructor pilot.

His career culminated with his assignment as Senior Training, Advising and Counseling Officer for the woe Flight Program at Ft. Rucker. Novosel and his wife, Ethel, will reside in Enterprise, AL.

Novosel funeral at Arlington Cemetary