Army Aviation

2015 Donald F. Luce Depot Maintenance Artisan Award

luceMr. Matthew Harold Linsley Gorman is an expert in the field of structural repair and has an innate sense of what is required for the aircraft and production to move to the next level. His integrity is without question as he is unfailingly by the book and ensures quality is built into every aircraft. When a Pavehawk aircraft experienced huge setbacks in airframe production he provided dedicated support until corrected, including working many additional hours and weekends. He had and still maintains a 100 percent first pass yield, meaning no defects for work completed. While working aircraft 3PJ03, he saw a need for a new tool to replace the FS308 beam and took it upon himself to design and fabricate the tool. His tool has since been sent through the tooling engineers and assigned a tool number and new, more durable standard tool has been designed and is currently in production. He is constantly asked to handle the most pressing needs of the shop; when something falls apart or has the utmost priority, his is the first name that comes to mind. His actions and contributions clearly identify him as the 2015 AAAA Donald F. Luce Depot Maintenance Artisan of the year.

Check out the video of Mr. Gorman’s award presentation here.