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Retiree COLA Impact

AAAA President's Message to Members Regarding Retiree COLA Impact

I would like to make clear that we at the Army Aviation Association of America, as a member of "The Military Coalition" (TMC), are working to get your voice heard on the COLA issue which was part of the recently passed Budget Bill. Despite the omission of the AAAA from their 11 December letter, AAAA is fully supportive to the TMC memos sent to the majority and minority leaders in both the House and Senate.

The Military Coalition is a group of 33 military, veterans and uniformed services organizations in joint pursuit of several goals, one of which is "representing the interests of the entire uniformed services community, including members' families and survivors, and responding to assaults upon the compensation and benefits earned by members of that community through years of dedicated service".

While Congressional compromise did provide welcome budget certainty for the first time in many years, and allows for some flexibility in appropriations within Army accounts over the next two years, the one percent COLA reduction for working-age military retirees until age 62 is a broken promise to you. The budget deal is contrary to the understanding and trust that is part of the compact between the Government and those who place their lives on the line every day.

AAAA opposes that reduction and will work with the TMC to get that provision of the budget deal repealed before it is implemented in 2015. As a charter member of the TMC since 1996, AAAA has consistently been the Voice of the Army Aviation Soldier and Family amongst the organizations that comprise this organization. AAAA has, and will continue, to stand up for Aviation Soldiers and their Families and the promises that were made to you.

Howard Yellen
Brigadier General, Retired, President

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