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February 2021 Advertising

Reserve Your February Ad in ARMY AVIATION Magazine  Today!

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- Special Focus -

Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation

Rotary Wing Project Managers, Army Capability Manager ACM Updates. AH-64 Apache, CH-47 Chinook, LUH-72 Lakota and UH-60 Black Hawk, Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA), Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) - latest developments; Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Multi-National Aviation Special Projects Office (MASPO).

Army Futures Command
Modernizing all facets of the Army, including Future Vertical Lift (FVL).

Insertion Order Deadline: January 1, 2021
Material Deadline: January 15, 2021

Contact: Bob Lachowski or Erika Burgess at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(203) 268-2450 FAX: (203) 268-5870

Looking Back

  • Climatic Test

    Looking Back / By Mark Albertson: February 1963 - A U.S. Army YUH-1D Iroquois has completed the Air Force phase of its adverse weather testing program and has been turned over to the Army for more climatic torture. In successive periods, the Read More
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