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February 2021 Advertising

Reserve Your February Ad in ARMY AVIATION Magazine  Today!

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- Special Focus -

Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation

Rotary Wing Project Managers, Army Capability Manager ACM Updates. AH-64 Apache, CH-47 Chinook, LUH-72 Lakota and UH-60 Black Hawk, Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA), Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) - latest developments; Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Multi-National Aviation Special Projects Office (MASPO).

Army Futures Command
Modernizing all facets of the Army, including Future Vertical Lift (FVL).

Insertion Order Deadline: January 1, 2021
Material Deadline: January 15, 2021

Contact: Bob Lachowski or Erika Burgess at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(203) 268-2450 FAX: (203) 268-5870

Looking Back

  • Distortion


    Looking Back/ Van Nuys, California—Although the camera lens distortion makes it look like a protective umbrella over the U.S. Army Cheyenne combat helicopter, the pictured 25-foot (7.5-meter) long rotor blade is actually only 28 inches (71 centimeters) wide. Almost undetectable Read More
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